Olympic Climbing Debut for 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Coming up in the Summer 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, climbing will be a new addition for viewers to enjoy. Although it was not originally considered for the games, the local committee though the addition of olympic climbing would bring international and local attention to the games, as well as increase the amount of younger viewers.

Climbing holds: types and usage for bouldering and rope climbing

Climbing holds on a wall in a gym

When bouldering or rope climbing inside, you’ll most often use colored climbing holds. They’re manufactured either by hand or in a factory. People have been using different materials over the years. The holds itself have been categorised and similar ones got names like ‘crimps’, ‘jugs’ or ‘rails’. What do they mean? This article explains that, […]

Bouldering grades explained & comparing V-scale to Font scale

Woman climbing bouldering route

When you first start climbing, you might not have a clue about grades. You’ll quickly learn about the bouldering grades that are used within your country. But did you know that there are many different grade types? The most popular grade types are the V-grade/scale and the Font-grade/scale. Generally they consist of numbers and letters. […]